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Thanks to the constant contact with track experiences, we have developed the concepts behind the creation of these ERGAL adjustable clip-ons from billet, in horizontal and raised version.

This product, as well as having aesthetic value, contains many technological solutions that allow them to be perfectly suitable to the driving style of the pilot:

- Adjustable tilt (0 °, -2.5 °, -5 °, -7.5 °) for a comfortable or sporty drive

- Interchangeability of the tube with slip clutch to limit the damage if dropped

- Interchangeability of clamps horizontal & raised version (50mm)

- Tubes of standard length or increased to ensure better control of the vehicle

Available for forks diameter 41mm to 58mm and in the colors Black, Aluminium and Titanium

images/stories/semimanubri/semimanubri1.jpg images/stories/semimanubri/semimanubri12.jpg images/stories/semimanubri/semimanubri13.jpg images/stories/semimanubri/semimanubri3.jpg images/stories/semimanubri/semimanubri4.jpg images/stories/semimanubri/semimanubri41.jpg images/stories/semimanubri/semimanubri5.jpg images/stories/semimanubri/semimanubri6.jpg images/stories/semimanubri/semimanubri601.jpg images/stories/semimanubri/semimanubri61.jpg images/stories/semimanubri/semimanubri7.jpg images/stories/semimanubri/semimanubri8.jpg

  • Adjustable Clip ons horizontal version : € 280 vat 21% incl.
  • Adjustable Clip ons raised version : 313 vat 21% incl.


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 Racing-derived product, the company disclaims any responsibility 'on the possible use different from racing on circuit


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