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Triple Clamps



Suitable for Yamaha R1, R6, Suzuki GSXr, Honda CBR 1000, Bmw 1000 RR, Ducati 916 996 998 1098 748 848, Aprilia RSV4, Kawasaki ZX10R, Ducati Sport 1000 and other sport bikes as well.

Set of triples designed with the latest technology, for track performances lovers. Upper clamp featuring 2 bolts and gullwings profile to allow a little down-slipping of forks when necessary, with various mounting solutions for steering damper; lower clamp featuring 4 bolts, adjustable offset (25 to 31) and adjustable steering stop. Available with forks spacing 205, 210 and 215, suitable for forks until diameters 58mm. Colours Aluminium, Black e Titanium.

Recommended torque for fork's bolts : 7,5Nm with greasing

Sequence : Upper 1,2,1,2,1    Lower 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3

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images/stories/modello4/modello4_1.jpg images/stories/modello4/modello4_11.jpg images/stories/modello4/modello4_2.jpg images/stories/modello4/modello4_22.jpg images/stories/modello4/modello4_23.jpg images/stories/modello4/modello4_4.jpg images/stories/modello4/modello4_41.jpg images/stories/modello4/modello4_42.jpg images/stories/modello4/modello4_43.jpg images/stories/modello4/modello4_5.jpg


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 TRIPLE CLAMPS MODEL 6 Panigale (new 2013) 


Through the experience grown in SBK with the front ends of MOD.4, we created our line dedicated to Ducati 1199 Panigale. This new flagship Ducati deserves a front end in ERGAL, from billet, with adjustable offset and anti-chattering technology. Plug&Play application, great care for aesthetic details and trendy colors, make of this new product our biggest bet for next future.

Upper clamp featuring 2 bolts and lower clamp featuring 4 bolts, adjustable offset 25 to 31mm, floating stem, forks spaced 225,5mm, suitable for forks until diameter 57mm upper and 58mm lower.

Colours : Aluminium, Black, Titanium-grey.
Recommended torque for fork's bolts  :  7,5Nm with greasing

Sequence : Upper 1,2,1,2,1     Lower 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3

images/stories/modello1/mod.6_1.jpg images/stories/modello1/mod.6_2.jpg images/stories/modello1/mod.6_3.jpg images/stories/modello1/mod.6_4.jpg images/stories/modello1/mod.6_5.jpg images/stories/modello1/mod.6_6.jpg images/stories/modello1/mod.6_7.jpg images/stories/modello1/mod.6_71.jpg images/stories/modello1/mod.6_72.jpg images/stories/modello1/mod.6_73.jpg

  • Complete Set Mod.6 : € 716 vat 21% incl.
  • Lower Tapered Roller Bearing 35mm : € 45 vat 21% incl.
  • Lower dust seal 35mm : € 9 vat 21% incl.



Suitable for : DUCATI Monster 2002 to today, DUCATI SportClassic

Upper clamp featuring  2 bolts, slightly bent down (similar to seagull wings), available either in handlebar version and either for clip ons, suitable for forks until diameter 53mm.

Lower clamp featuring 4 bolts, floating stem, fixed offset (30mm), adjustable steering limits, suitable for forks until diameter 56mm.

Colours Aluminium, Black, Titanium-grey.

Recommended torque for fork's bolts : 7,5Nm with greasing

Sequence : Upper 1,2,1,2,1     Lower 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3

images/stories/modello2/modello2_04.jpg images/stories/modello2/modello2_05.jpg images/stories/modello2/modello2_06.jpg images/stories/modello2/modello2_07.jpg images/stories/modello2/modello2_09.jpg images/stories/modello2/modello2_091.jpg images/stories/modello2/modello2_0911.jpg images/stories/modello2/modello2_0912.jpg images/stories/modello2/modello2_092.jpg

  • Set Mod.2: € 560 vat 21% incl.
  •  Riser Handlebar Supports : Not Available



Suitable for DUCATI Monster 1993-2001; DUCATI Supersport  (a little adjustement for steering-lock and key-pawl is necessary).

Upper clamp Mod.1 featuring 2 bolts and lower clamp Mod.2evo featuring 4 bolts, fixed offset  (30mm), floating stem, forks spaced 205, suitable for forks until diameter 53mm upper and 56mm lower.

Moreover, they offer the interesting opportunity of mounting the  conical handlebar through our upper clamp Model 1 Special featuring higher spacing between handlebar threads.

Chance to create an "Hybrid Setup" combining the lower clamp Mod.2evo with the upper clamp Mod.4, through the special bush "adapter" that we produce.

Colours : Aluminium & Black

Recommended torque for fork's bolts : Upper 9Nm & lower 7,5Nm with greasing

Sequence : Upper 1,2,1,2,1     Lower 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3

images/stories/modello3/mod1evo1.jpg images/stories/modello3/mod1evo2.jpg images/stories/modello3/mod1evo3.jpg images/stories/modello3/mod1evo4.jpg images/stories/modello3/mod1evo5.jpg images/stories/modello3/mod1evo6.jpg images/stories/modello3/mod1evo7.jpg images/stories/modello3/modello1_04.jpg images/stories/modello3/modello1_05.jpg
  • Set Mod.1evo & Mod.1evoS: € 485 vat 21% incl. 
  • Set Mod.1evoH: € 535 vat 21% incl.
  • Riser Handlebat Supports: € 70 vat 21% incl.





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